Faculty Associations

Current Clinical Pharmacy & Outcomes Sciences (CPOS) Association and Membership Appointments

  • Fabel New SCCP Community Residency Program Director, Medicine Mart

Congratulations to Patti Fabel who will be transitioning her clinical practice site from Walgreens Pharmacy to Medicine Mart beginning this summer. In addition, Patti will now be serving as the Residency Program Director for theSCCP community residency positions at Medicine Mart and Barney's Pharmacy in Augusta. This is an excellent opportunity for Patti, and we are excited about the future of this position.

  • SCSHP Annual Meeting

Congratulations to the following CPOS faculty who were named to new officer positions at the recent SCSHP Annual meeting in Hilton Head: Julie Justo, Chair, Antimicrobial Stewardship Task Force, Christina Cox, Junior Board Member Coordinator, and Brandon Bookstaver, Trainee Development coordinator.

  • Fabel New President of SCPhA

Congratulations to Patti Fabel, new President of SC Pharmacy Association (SCPhA) and Betsy Blake, SCPhA Delegate.

  • Whitney Maxwell serving as AACP Delegate

Congratulations to Whitney Maxwell, who was selected as SCCP’s AACP delegate for 2015-16 to represent the department and college at the national level. 

  •  ACCP Now Official Organization at SCCP

ACCP is now an official organization at SCCP! Drs. Love, Mohorn, and Norris are the advisors. They are looking for new members to join and will be holding office elections at their February 28 meeting. They have started a mentoring program with CAPPS (Carolina Association of Pre-Pharmacy Students) and are very excited about working with this organization to help prepare potential pharmacy students! ACCP will also be participating in the AHA Walk that will be held in March.

  • Bookstaver and Cox elected to ACCP PRN   

Congratulations to Brandon Bookstaver and Christina Cox who were elected as

2014-15 Chair of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Infectious Diseases (ID) Practice & Research Network (PRN), and 2014-15 Chair-Elect of the ACCP Pediatric PRN, respectively. 

  • Cynthia Phillips Appointed Rho Chi Regional Councilor, Region III-M

Cynthia Phillips was recently appointed a Regional Councilor for the Mid-Atlantic (Region III) of The Rho Chi Society (pharmacy honor society) through March 2014 (to complete the term of former member).   She currently serves as faculty advisor for our Gamma Psi chapter in SC.  Regional Councilors are members of The Rho Chi Society who represent the interests of chapters in their region on the Executive Council and who promote the mission and vision of the Society through their interactions with the chapters they represent.  In many instances, Regional Councilors will be or will have been Faculty Advisors for their school or college chapter.  In their role, Regional Councilors serve as the elected representative of the chapters in their region and thus, are a critical link to the National organization.  Regional Councilors should have a thorough knowledge of the Society and its Bylaws, especially as it applies to local chapter conduct. 

  • Brandon Bookstaver was invited to sit on the task force for the SC Board of Pharmacy on expanding the scope of pharmacy practice.
  • Brandon Bookstaver was also recognized as one of 33 newly-elected Fellows of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) in Austin Texas during their annual meeting October 12-15.
  • Bookstaver Receives Awards at SCSHP Annual Meeting

Congratulations to Brandon Bookstaver who received both the Dick Schwerin Mentor Award and the President’s Award from the SC Society of Health-System Pharmacists (SCSHP) during the annual meeting in Hilton Head on March 7-9, 2014.  Check this webpage out for details: http://www.scshp.com/?page=SCAwardWinners

Brandon was also recognized as the outgoing president of SCSHP, as was Amy Grant as the outgoing secretary.  Christina Cox was recognized as the continuing Co-Chair of Trainee Development for SCSHP.

  • CPOS Faculty Receive Certifications

Congratulations to Julie Ann Justo who recently received recertification as an HIV Pharmacist (AAHIVP) through the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Also congratulations to Christina Cox Piro and Phillip Mohorn for receiving certification on November 25 to be Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialists (BCPS) from the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.