The Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences provides education and training related to professional practice including application of the pharmaceutical sciences to patient care. The promotion of critical thinking skills is the hallmark of the Department’s courses.  Additionally, faculty members in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences are engaged in various areas of scholarship that impact clinical therapeutics, professional practice, evaluation of drug health policies, and pharmacy education. 

Faculty members act as a positive force within the profession of pharmacy through active participation and leadership in professional and scientific organizations.  We strive to create an environment that produces appropriate and innovative coursework to prepare practitioners for contemporary and future practice roles, and fosters the academic growth and success of the faculty.

CPOS Department Digest

CPOS Department Digest      

       Volume 25               Volume 26



CPOS Featured Researchers

American Leadership Fellows Program

Betsy Blake

Betsy Blake, PharmD

Betsy Blake, PharmD., Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Interprofessional Education, is working with several others on a project for the AACP Academic Leadership Fellows Program that involves the process of “interview selection” for PGY1 pharmacy residencies entitled,  “Comparing Pharmacy Residency Program Candidate Selection Criteria with Colleges of Pharmacy Student Residency Preparation Mentoring Strategies.”

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Using Innovative Algorithm for CRC Screening

John Bian

John Bian, PhD

John Bian, PhD, Associate Professor, CPOS, is a health economist who has extensive hands-on experiences in managing large observational data (e.g., linked Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) and Medicare data) and in applying appropriate modeling techniques (e.g., hierarchical models) for causal inferences in observational data analysis. His main research interests are to understand determinants of changes in health care delivery systems and the impact of the changes on health care quality and outcomes, particularly cancer outcomes research. 

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Teaching Awards 2013- 2014

  • LeAnn Norris – USC Clinical Practice Teaching Award
       – SCCP Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Year, P3s (USC)
  • Brie Dunn – Teacher of the Year, P2s (USC)
  • Kristy Brittain – Outstanding Educator/Lecturer (MUSC)
  • Nicole Bohm – Outstanding Developing Teacher (MUSC)
  • Jennifer Schnellmann – Teacher of the Year, P1s and P2s (MUSC)
  • Kelly Ragucci – Teacher of the Year, P3’s (MUSC)

Outstanding Mentor

  • Brandon Bookstaver – SCSHP Mentor of the Year
  • Danny West – (Midlands)
  • Doug Furmanek – (Upstate)

APPE Preceptors of the Year

  • Nicole Bohm – (Low country)
  • Elliott Turner – (Midlands)
  • Lee Dailey – (Upstate)