Rick Schnellmann, Ph.D

Professor, & Eminent Scholar

South Carolina College of Pharmacy

843.792.3754 :: Charleston


Rick Schnellmann

Dr. Schnellmann Research Focus

The research foci of my laboratory are directed towards understanding the signaling pathways of cell injury, death (apoptosis and necrosis) in epithelial and cancer cells, and regeneration of epithelial cells following injury.  This research is particularly important since stroke, trauma, and heart and kidney failure result from cell injury and death.  In turn, the ability of injured cells to repair and regenerate is key for the return of brain, heart and kidney function.  In contrast, cancer cells exhibit alterations in cell death pathways that allow them to survive and multiply.  Our goal is to develop selective therapeutic agents that prevent cell death and promote cell repair in epithelial cells and stimulate cell death in cancer cells.


Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy
Saint Louis College of Pharmacy, 1980

Doctor of Philosophy
University of Arizona, 1984