Phillip Buckhaults, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office - (803)777-3621 | CLS 506A

Lab - (803)777-9192

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Dr. Phillip Buckhaults


Dr. Buckhaults is an experienced molecular biologist and cancer geneticists with extensive experience with next-gen sequencing applications for global gene expression analysis and gene mutation detection.

Dr. Buckhaults characterized the expression landscapes of colon tumors to identify signatures of recurrence, the mutation landscapes of breast and colon tumors to identify novel cancer genes, and has profiled cancer gene mutation signatures in melanomas to determine novel therapeutic modalities based on targeting PI3K and BRAF pathways.

Dr. Buckhaults uses somatic cell knockout technology to characterized variant alleles in human cells, and has discovered novel functions of a polymorphism in the TP53 gene.



The Buckhaults Lab Research Focus

1) Determining biochemical mechanisms by which germline variants contribute to cancer health disparities that exist between people of different ethnic ancestries. 

2) Using genome sequencing and functional genomics to develop novel personalized medicine approaches to treat colon cancer.

Courses Taught

USC BIOL 610: Hallmarks of Cancer.-Undergraduate

USC BMSC710: Medical Molecular Biology-Graduate

USC PATH760: Pathobiology-Graduate

USC PAMB D641: Pathology-Medical

USC EPID746: Investigative Epidemiology-Graduate

USC PAMB D650: Microbiology-Medical

USC PATH 710: Neoplasia-Graduate

GHSU COGS 8021:Biochemistry-Graduate (Course Co-director)



Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 1988
University of South Florida

Masters of Science, Chemistry, 1990
University of California at San Diego

Doctor of Philosophy, Biochemistry 1996
University of Georgia

Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular Genetics 2002
Johns Hopkins Oncology Center



Woster Pubmed



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