Recent Presentations (Fall 2014–2015)

Christina Cox presented ACCP Updates in Therapeutics, Pediatric Pharmacy Preparatory Review Course on pediatric ‘Gastroenterology and Hepatology’ on Sunday, April 12 during the ACCP Spring Meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Rosemont, IL. 


LeAnn Norris presented “Oncology and Supportive Care” as one of the Pharmacotherapy Review Course Speakers on Tuesday, April 14 at the ACCP Spring Meeting in Rosemont, IL (Chicago).

The following CPOS faculty were among those who presented posters at the ApHA 2015 Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Diego, California, Mar. 27-30: Bryan Ziegler (Bob Davis), “Assessment of Comprehensive Medication Management Pharmacist Impact on Physician Productivity in a Patient Centered Medical Home;” Phillip Mohorn (Brandon Bookstaver, et al): “Accuracy of Medication Orders in Fictional Medical-themed Television Shows.”


Bob Davis presented “New Patient Care Delivery Models: Making the Business Case for Integrating Pharmacists into Team-based Care” at ApHA on March 30.


Two CPOS graduate students, Sam Li and Jin Yuan, presented the following research, respectively, during Graduate Student Day on Friday, April 10: Implementation of the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care from 2006 to 2010: The Case of Statin Utilization in the Elderly with Diabetes” (Advisors: Kevin Lu, Whitney Maxwell, Richard Schulz), and “Do statins reduce the risk of cancer?  The Association Between Statins and Risk of Cancer in Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries” (with advisors: Kevin Lu and Richard Schulz).


The following CPOS Faculty presented at the SCSHP Annual Meeting in Hilton Head, SC, March 15-17: Whitney Maxwell: “Diabetes Update: Evidence Based Management of Type II Diabetes in 2015;”  Julie Justo: Does One Dose Fit All? Antibiotic Dosing in Special Populations;” Bob Davis: “Billing for Pharmacist Collaborative Patient Care Services;” and Michaela Almgren: “Sterile Compounding and Implementation of USP Chapter 797: Where We Came From, Where We Are and Where We Might Be Headed”   In addition, the SCCP SSHP Student chapter did a platform presentation and poster for the Get Smart Initiative, assessing patient behaviors and attitudes in regards to antibiotic use.


Brie Dunn presented “Women & Heart Disease” at the SCPhA SE Girls of Pharmacy Leadership Weekend on January 18, 2015.


Patti Fabel presented “Immunization Update” at the SCPhA Southeastern Girls of Pharmacy Leadership Weekend in Asheville, NC in January 2015.


Brie Dunn presented Cardiovascular Medications” at the WJB Dorn VA Medical Center Clinical Staff Education Session on January 22, 2015.


Whitney Maxwell presented “Pharmacy Impact in Outpatient Medication Reconciliation - Preventing Readmissions: How Pharmacists ARE Making a Difference” as an invited speaker at the 18th Annual Patient Safety Symposium at the ASHP Midyear Meeting in Anaheim, California in December 2014.


Brandon Bookstaver presented “Community Antibiotic Stewardship” at the SCPhA Meeting in Hilton Head in December 2014.  Betsy Blake also presented at SCPhA.


Julie Justo presented Debates in Therapeutics 2014: What the Vanc? The Great PK Conundrum of Troughs vs. AUC” at the 49th American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition in Anaheim, CA in December 2014.


Jill Michels presented “Poison Myth vs Fact: Internet, Folklore and Other Remedies Unveiled” in October at the 2014 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology.


Brie Dunn presented “Adventures in Learning: A Case-Analysis Activity to Foster Core Concept Learning in Pharmacy” at the National Distance Learning Education Week Conference at USC Aiken on November 12, and also “Residents Precepting Students: From Trainees to Trainers” during the ACCP Resident Webinar on November 13.


Betsy Blake presented a 2-hour CE on “Enhanced Pharmacy-Based Immunizations” for the SCCP Fall CE Program on November 8, 2014.


Julie Justo presented “Critical Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Components for Success” at the 32nd Annual APIC Palmetto Educational Conference, Columbia, SC, October 24, 2014.


Karen McGee. “Polypharmacy in the Elderly,” Agape Physician Fourth Annual Provider Retreat, Agape Senior Conference Center, Columbia, SC, September 22, 2014; and “Diabetes Update 2014: Focus on Elder Care,” Geriatric Noon Conference, Palmetto Health Richland, October 15, 2014.


Bob Davis, “Where can my pharmacy career take me? Emerging roles for pharmacists.”  Carolina Association Pre-Pharmacy (CAPPS) Career Talk, SCCP-Columbia Campus, September 30, 2014. 


Brie Dunn and Patti Fabel, “Adventures in Learning”  and “Team Based Learning in a Large Distance Education Class,”  respectively, USC’s fifth annual “Oktoberbest 2014 Symposium on Teaching” USC Library, October 10, 2014.


Julie Justo, Dickert EL, Kohn J, Brandon Bookstaver. “Comparative risk of acute kidney injury in patients receiving vancomycin monotherapy or vancomycin and beta-lactam combination therapy.”  54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), Washington DC, September 5-9, 2014. Abstract #2544.


DeVaul K, Brandon Bookstaver, Julie Justo, Kohn J, Albrecht H, Al-Hasan MN. “Risk factors for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and AmpC-producing Enterobacteriaceae: the heterogeneity of healthcare-associated bloodstream infections.”  54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy(ICAAC), Washington DC, September 5-9, 2014. Abstract #3059.