2014-15 Awards

 Lu Wins $30K ACS IRG Pilot Grant

Congratulations to Kevin Lu for being awarded one of 4 pilot awards for $30,000 as part of “SOAR (Supporting Outstanding Academic Research in Oncology) USC” American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (ACS IRG) program.  Kevin’s proposal, “Assessing the Safety of Sitagliptin for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus,” will explore the association between the use of sitagliptin and the risk of pancreatic cancer among patients with type-2 Diabetes. The ACS IRG is an institutional award that enables USC to provide small pilot research grants to beginning investigators in cancer research.   The goal of the ACS IRG is to attract beginning investigators into cancer research, and to support their research projects so they can obtain data that will allow them to complete successfully for peer-reviewed extramural research grants.

Comprehensive Health Sciences Team Receive REC Award

Congratulations to Clinical Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences Clinical Assistant Professors Betsy Blake and Brie Dunn, who with Teri Browne (PI-Social Work) and a comprehensive research team representing all the Health Sciences, were one of only seven applicants (out of 47 submitted, representing 11 different colleges) selected to receive the new USC Research Engagement Collaborative (REC) awards given by the Provost Office. Their project, entitled: “iCare, Interprofessional Collaborative for Avoiding Readmissions through Education,” is designed to create the first longitudinal, inter-professional clinical training program and randomized control trial in the country to address the country’s grand challenge of hospital readmissions, using students in different disciplines.  As a recipient of the Round 1 pilot award (for ~$25,000), they will also be eligible to apply for the larger, 5-year implementation Round 2 REC project awards next summer/fall.

CPOS Faculty Receive “Grant-in-Aid”

Congratulations to Clinical Pharmacy Faculty Celeste Caulder, Julie Ann Justo, and Brandon Bookstaver (with PI Isioma Aninyei, a resident investigator in Infectious Diseases, Palmetto Health, her advisor, Sharon Weissman, SOM, and Angelena Cuteri, PharmD candidate) for recently being awarded a $9,970 “Grant in Aid” award from Palmetto Health Medical Education and Research, for their project titled, "Tenofovir Plasma Concentration in Obese, HIV-infected subjects."  

Michels and Palmetto Poison Center Receive SC DHEC Bioterrorism Grant

Jill Michels and the Palmetto Poison Center were recently awarded a $123,000 grant from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) to serve as a surveillance partner for public health issues that may arise within the State.

Bookstaver Wins SEC Travel Grant; Elected Fellow of ACCP

Congratulations to CPOS Associate Professor and Vice Chair Brandon Bookstaver for recently being awarded a Southeastern Conference (SEC) Visiting Faculty Travel Grant to visit Auburn University in 2015. The SEC grant program is intended to enhance faculty collaboration that stimulates initiatives between SEC universities.

Bookstaver Receives Grant from Durata Therapeutics

Congratulations to Brandon Bookstaver, who received a grant for $16,500 from Durata Therapeutics for “Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infection (ABSSSI) Practice Pattern Assessment Project.”  In addition, Brandon, Celeste Caulder, and Julie Ann Justo (with PI Isioma Aninyei, a resident investigator in Infectious Diseases, Palmetto Health, her advisor, Sharon Weissman, SOM, and Angelena Cuteri, PharmD candidate) recently submitted a Grant In Aid proposal to Palmetto Health entitled "Tenofovir Plasma Concentration in Obese, HIV-infected subjects."  

Gilead and Clinical Mind Working with SCCP/CPOS to Develop Virtual Project

Gilead has partnered with Clinical Mind to develop a virtual project on pharmacist management of HIV-infected patients.  Using video-recorded interviews of recognized experts from across the country, Gilead will develop a compilation to launch from its website this spring.  Brandon Bookstaver was selected as one of several across the country to participate in this endeavor.  Gilead was at SCCP recording on Wednesday, February 5. Stay tuned for more information!

Congratulations to Recent CPOS/SCCP Magellan Scholar Winners

The following undergraduates from SCCP were recently selected to conduct research working with CPOS faculty advisor. They were:

  • Magellan Scholar Spring-Fall 2015
    Katelyn Bull and Nicole Corbin  

Mentor: Christina Cox, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
“Evaluation of common medications and risk of necrotizing enterocolitis”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring-Fall 2015
    Jared Ham  

Mentor: Julie Justo, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
“Effect of continuous versus intermittent nafcillin dosing on clinical outcomes in patients with methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infective endocarditis stratified by vancomycin minimal inhibitory concentration”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring- Fall 2014
    James Fulton  

Mentors: Bryan Love and Scott Sutton, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
“Clinical Characteristics and Mortality of Hospitalized Patients with Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring- Fall 2014
    Sarah Demott & Alexas Polk  

Mentors: Phillip Mohorn and Brandon Bookstaver, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
“Accuracy of Medication Information in Fictional Medical TV Shows”and Mortality of Hospitalized Patients with Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring- Fall 2014
    Rylee Raskin  

Mentors: Phillip Mohorn and Bryan Love, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
“Appropriateness of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis in Intensive Care Unit Patients”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring 2014
    Hana Rac, Honors, Senior, Pharmacy, USC Columbia
    Mentor: Brandon Bookstaver, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
    “Effects of Renal Disease on Medication Errors in an HIV-infected Population”


  • Magellan Scholar Spring 2014
    Taylor Stone, Senior, Pharmacy, USC Columbia
    Samantha Murrow, Senior, Pharmacy, USC Columbia
    Mentor: Brandon Bookstaver, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcomes Sciences, USC Columbia
    “Co-Administration of Fluoroquinolone & Tetracycline Antibiotics with Multivalent Cations in Hospitalized Patients: Detection and Impact of a Significant Drug-Drug Interaction.” 


Jing Yuan Receives SPARC Award

Congratulations to Jing Yuan, CPOS PhD candidate, who was one of 51 graduate students representing 10 different academic units at USC to be awarded a SPARC grant through the Office of the Vice President for Research. Her study, entitled, “Statins Exposure and the Risk of Liver Cancer in the Elderly,” will use a longitudinal database to address the methodological limitations to explore the association between statins and the risk of liver cancer in the elderly.  The proposed study will be the preliminary research for her dissertation, which will focus on the cancer risk and treatment using SEER-Medicare database. She will be working with CPOS Faculty Advisors Kevin Lu and Richard Schulz on her project. The merit-based SPARC awards are designed to ignite research and creative excellence across disciplines at USC.  For a list of all award winners go to:  http://www.sc.edu/vpresearch/sparcawards.shtml

CPOS Faculty Receive Cubist Pharmaceuticals Award  

Congratulations to Julie Ann Justo (PI) and Brandon Bookstaver (Co-Investigator) for receiving a one-year award from Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The grant, “Knowledge and Attitudes of Doctor of Pharmacy Students Regarding the Appropriate Use of Antimicrobials” allows them to survey 4th year pharmacy students at 15 US pharmacy schools regarding appropriate antimicrobial use (administred via REDCap). 

CPOS wins NIH Sub Award to Study Prescription Drug Problems with the Military

Charlie Bennett , Sarah Ball (CPOS faculty) and Nikki Wooten, USC College of Social Work, are serving as co-investigators on an NIH grant (PI – Brandeis University) entitled, “Preventing Prescription Drug Problems: A Pilot Military Opioid Safety Initiative.” This NIH study will design and test an innovative educational intervention using an academic detailing approach that has military/veteran specific content and is targeted at physicians who treat military personnel and veterans at the Dorn VA and Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson.