Center for  Targeted  Therapeutics

Dr. Igor B. Roninson
Director of CTT
SmartState Endowed Chair in Translational Cancer Therapeutics and Professor of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences at South Carolina College of Pharmacy.

The Center for Targeted Therapeutics (CTT) at the University of South Carolina (USC), funded by a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant P20 GM109091 from the National Institutes of Health, was created to attract and foster the professional development of talented junior scientists, who are motivated to make a difference in the treatment of debilitating diseases. 

Targeted Therapeutics is:

research that seeks to develop new and more effective classes of drugs against various diseases, by aiming these drugs at molecular and cellular targets that play a key role in the disease. This topic was chosen because of its societal impact, the emergence of common technologies driving therapeutics research in different disease areas, and the presence of a critical core of senior faculty with broad acumen and transdisciplinary vision in Targeted Therapeutics at the USC and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP), which spans USC and MUSC, serves as the principal base of the CTT.

The Center includes three resource cores: the Functional Genomics Core (USC-SCCP), the Synthetic Chemistry and Drug Discovery Core (MUSC-SCCP) and the Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Core (USC-SCCP). Core Directors are experts who will provide scientific advice in project development, along with technological support.

CTT currently supports four research projects led by junior faculty members with expertise in cancer biology and genomics, signal transduction, metabolic diseases and nanotechnology-based drug delivery. Through pilot projects and collaborative studies, CTT research will encompass targeted therapeutics for multiple diseases.