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Hofseth, Lorne
Lorne Hofseth , Ph.D.
Professor, Graduate Program Director
Office Location
USC Campus
CLS 513B

715 Sumter Street

, SC29208
Phone: 803-403-5588
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  • Simon Fraser University, Canada, Doctor of Philosophy, 1996
  • Postdoc, Michigan State University, 1996-1999
  • Postdoc, National Cancer Institute, 1999-2003
Chronic inflammation is dangerous to human health.  It drives many prevalent diseases in our society, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and cancer.  Current treatment strategies to dampen signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation are limited, and fraught with side-effects.  Often this is because of the dual roles of one molecule in different parts of the body.  Our lab studies the interaction between chronic inflammation and cancer in cell culture, animal models, and in clinical trials.  We have been studying the ability of complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) to reduce inflammation.  We have found that CAMs, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Resveratrol, and American Ginseng prevent and treat mouse colitis.  We are also carrying out clinical trials to examine the role of juice extracts to reduce systemic inflammation, and improve overall health. Finally, in collaboration with medicinal chemists, we have been able to identify novel synthetic inhibitors of colitis and the colitis-to-cancer sequence.  Our bench-to-bedside approach will have far-reaching health implications on millions of people suffering from auto-immune and chronic inflammatory diseases
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Grants and Funding

  • 1. 1R01CA151304-01A1
    Agency:  NIH/NCI
    Title: Targeting Protein Arginine Deiminases to Prevent Colitis and Colon Cancer
    Amount:  $1,321,090 Direct   Duration:  7/1/2011- 6/31/2016
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 2. 1R03CA171326-01A1
    Agency:  NIH/NCI
    Title: Colon cancer chemoprevention by the anti-inflammatory drug, Quinacrine 
    Amount:  $100,000 Direct   Duration:  3/1/2013- 2/28/2015
    Role:  Principle Investigator


  • 3. 1P01AT003961-01A1
    Agency:  NIH/NCCAM
    Title: Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Chronic Inflammatory and  Autoimmune Diseases
    Project Title:  Anti-inflammatory mechanisms of american ginseng in colitis    Amount:  $875,000 Direct   Duration:  12/01/07-11/30/2012 
    Role:  Project PI
  • 4.  1R03CA141758-01
    Agency:  NIH/NCI
    Title:  Colon Cancer Chemoprevention by Dietary Resveratrol   
    Amount:  $100,000 Direct   Duration:  7/01/09-6/30/2011
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 5. R03CA137736-01
    Agency:  NIH/NCI
    Title:  Sphingosine Kinase as a Target for Cancer Chemoprevention  
    Amount:  $100,000 Direct   Duration:  9/1/2008-8/31/2010 
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 6. R21 DK071541-01A1
    Agency:  NIH/NIDDK
    Title:  Nitric oxide as a target for dietary intervention in colitis   
    Amount:  $210,000 Direct   Duration:  4/1/06-3/31/2008 
    Role: Co-Investigator (100% of experiments in my lab)
  • 7. Seed Grant
    Agency:  USC Center for Colon Cancer Research
    Title:  Intervention of autoimmune diseases by a novel anti-inflammatory molecule 
    Amount:  $50,000 Direct   Duration:  9/1/2008-8/31/2009 
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 8. Contract
    Agency:  NSA
    Title:  A prospective study to examine the effects of JuicePlus on global body inflammatory load in healthy people:  A double-blind, placebo controlled trial    Amount:  $194,360 Direct   Duration:  1/1/2007-7/1/2010 
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 9. Seed Grant 109 R06-05
    Agency:  South Carolina Cancer Center
    Title:  The retinoblastoma pathway in inflammation and cancer   
    Amount:  $25,000 Direct   Duration:  4/1/2006-3/31/2008 
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 10. Seed Grant GC-3319-05-44598CM
    Agency:  Hollings Cancer Center
    Title:  Nitric oxide alters the structure and function of the human BER enzyme, MPG. 
    Amount:  $30,000 Direct   Duration:  2/1/2006-1/31/2007
    Role:  Principle Investigator
  • 11. P20RR17698-01 (COBRE Center for Colon Cancer Research)
     Agency:  NIH/NCRR
     Title:  Center for Colon Cancer Research
     Amount:  $371,381 Direct   Duration:  01/01/04-06/31/2008
     Role:  Target Faculty