Pre-Pharmacy Calendar 2014-2015

Pre-Pharmacy Calendar

Workshop meetings will take place in Coker Life Sciences 110:

September 11

September 23

October 2

October 21

November 6

November 19

December 4

Change of Major workshop meetings will take place in Coker Life Sciences 110:

Monday, Jan. 10th

Monday, Feb. 2nd

Thursday, Feb. 19th

Tuesday, Mar. 3rd

Thursday, Mar. 26th

Wednesday, Apr. 8th

Thursday, April 23rd

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Conditional Acceptance

  • To Be Eligible for Interview for Fall 2015 Admission - Conditional Acceptance and Regular Admission Applicants 
    • Your transcripts from ALL institutions must be received 
    • You are notified by PharmCAS via email that your application, including all transcripts, is "verified" 
    • Your unofficial PCAT Score (must be printed at the testing center PRIOR to logging out of the exam) OR official PCAT score must be received 
  •  Unofficial PCAT Score must be turned into Ms. Nikki Mellen (Pharmacy School Dean's Office) 
  • Offers for acceptance cannot be made until official PCAT Scores are received by PharmCAS 

Applicants who are eligible for an interview will be notified via email by Nikki Mellen in the College of Pharmacy Dean's Office.

Interview Preperation 
It is STRONGLY recommended that applicants make an appointment with the Career Center located on the 5th Floor of the Thomas Cooper Library for mock interview practice. Click "Practice, Practice, Practice" for additional information on how to make an appointment for interview practice.  It's STRONGLY recommended that applicants make an appointment with the Career Center ASAP.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE NOTIFIED BY NIKKI MELLEN TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE CAREER CENTER.  Mock interview slots will fill up FAST as students across campus prepare for job and professional school interviews. 

Applicants may also prepare for an admissions interview through Interview Stream, an online service where students can conduct mock interviews through webcam technology.  A desktop, laptop, and webcam is all that is needed for the service. 

To access for the Interview Stream service, open the following link.  Pre-Pharmacy Advisors CANNOT provide feedback on mock interviews. 

Once you are on the Interview Stream site, do the following: 

  1. Create an account using your CAMPUS Email 
  2. Select "University Career Center" for the location 
  3. Enter h0kv9ARFypj2 in the registration box 

* Interview Stream will not work on Google Chrome.  Please use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.



USC Pre‑Pharmacy

The Pre‑Pharmacy program at USC is designed to meet the entrance requirements leading to admission into a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program. The Pre‑Pharmacy program is an intensive two‑year course of study that includes courses in the life sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and the liberal arts.

About Pharmacy

“Pharmacy is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trusted professions because of the care and service pharmacists provide”

Pharmacists are medical professionals that work with physicians, nurses, & other health professionals to provide patients with optimal health care.  Responsibilities of a pharmacist include:

  • dispensing medications
  • monitoring patient health and progress to maximize outcomes
  • educating consumers and patients on the use of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • advising physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals on drug decisions
  • providing expertise about the composition of drugs, including their chemical, biological, and physical properties
  • ensuring that drugs do not interact in a harmful way

Careers in Pharmacy

Some of the career fields in pharmacy include Community Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Compounding Pharmacy, Long-Term Care Pharmacy, Academia, etc., with specialties in Pediatrics, Cardiology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Nuclear Pharmacy, Ambulatory Care and many more.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of pharmacists is expected to increase by 14% from 2012 to 2020.  The employment rate for pharmacy is growing faster than the average for all occupations due to scientific advances leading to new drug products, expanding roles of pharmacists, and expansion in health care coverage. According to the Drug Topics Annual Salary Survey, the average salary for a pharmacist is $118, 000.

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program requires at least 66 hours of undergraduate study (typically two years) followed by four academic years of professional study. 

For more information on pharmacy careers, click “Career Information” or “Career Profiles


PharmCAS Webinar: Part One

PharmCAS Webinar: Part Two  

Supplemental Application Webinar   


Diane Wise

Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
/Graduate Coordinator

803.777.6053 (office)

Alfred Moore

Director of Student

803.777.6635 (office)

Nikki Mellen

803.777.4151 (office)

803.777.2775 (fax)

Pharm.D. Entrance Requirements

Admission to the SCCP is competitive and is based on the applicant’s completion of prepharmacy requirements, GPA, academic record, letters of recommendation, interview evaluations, PCAT scores, pharmacy exposure, honors/awards, extracurricular activities, work experience, and the student personal statement concerning their goals for a career in pharmacy.

Applicants must take the PCAT and have official scores reported January 7, 2014.

Applicants must provide an official copy of all college transcripts, including all grades for courses taken through the fall semester in which they apply.

Dates & Deadlines

PrePharmacy Curricula 


GFL Courses:

Any foreign language with the exception of American Sign Language (ASLG)

Transfer Credit Guide for Technical College Courses

GHS Electives:

U.S, World History, or non-Western history course 

Articulation Table for selected Four Year Colleges

AIU Electives:

Any 3 hour fine arts course in music appreciation, art, film, theatre, or dance. 

USC Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Worksheet


Admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) - SCCP Requirements 

The following criteria are for admissions into either the USC or MUSC Campus of the SCCP.  For admissions criteria for other schools of pharmacy, please contact an advisor or administrator from those institutions. 


Pre-Pharmacy majors are evaluated on the following criteria for admission into the SCCP:

1. Competitive GPA (SCCP 3.6-3.7)

2. Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) SCCP AVG 65-70

3. Interview

4. Three Letters of Recommendation

5.Personal/Diversity Statement

6.*Pharmacy Exposure

7.Work Experience

8.**Extracurricular Activities 

*Pharmacy Exposure includes interviewing pharmacists, shadowing pharmacists, touring pharmacies, volunteering in a pharmacy, or working in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician.

Click Pharmacy Technician Registration to download the application form from the SC Board of Pharmacy

**Extracurricular activities may include, but are not limited to, community service, religious or athletic activities, student organization, student government, undergraduate research, and leadership positions.

It is strongly recommended that students considering applying to the SCCP obtain pharmacy exposure and be active in extracurricular organizational activities to be competitive for admission. 

Pre-Pharmacy Change of Major Meeting Schedule

Pre-Pharmacy Change of Major meetings will take place on alternating days and times beginning in September 2014 to accommodate student schedules. Students who need immediate assistance regarding advisement for classes may refer to the Cross College Advising Office located in the Thomas Cooper Library.

Pre-Pharmacy Change of Major meetings are held for existing USC students who would like to change their major to Pre-Pharmacy. Any student wishing to enter the Pre-Pharmacy major must first attend a meeting before they can be accepted. Meetings provide general information about the Pre-Pharmacy major and the requirements to gain admission into the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy. A minimum GPA of 3.00 and twelve USC earned hours excluding AP or IB courses are required to become a Pre-Pharmacy major.


*Note* Meetings are for informational purposes only. Students will not be advised during this time. 



To attend a workshop, please RSVP by opening the following link: