Davis, KPIC cited in analysis of emerging health care trends -- Engaging pharmacists in the patient-centered medical home (PCHM) has become an increasingly significant focus for improving healthcare outcomes in recent years. At the same time, researchers have sought ways to quantify the value a pharmacist adds in a way that can help drive decision making both for individual businesses and for national healthcare policy.

The Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center (KPIC) at the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) has helped lead the way in investigating this issue, and its findings have attracted national notice.

In a June article in Pharmacy Today, a flagship publication of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), an article about the emerging trend of including pharmacists in the PCMH cited Kennedy Professor Bob Davis and the research of KPIC.

The article features a pilot program at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii, the results of which are driving the program’s expansion into the rest of the Army’s medical treatment facilities, and turns to leading industry experts at Cardinal Health (health care services), CareSource (managed care) and Davis to clarify the issues policy makers are facing.

Davis suggests the shortcoming of research emphasizing the pharmacist’s role and value is that “they aren’t able really to convert that value into a sustainable business model.  Payment is what triggered provider status efforts and other changes down the road.”

Davis gives advice on approaching decision makers, providing them solutions that are based on understanding their needs and how they measure success. The article also includes data from Davis’ presentation at an education session during the APhA2015 in San Diego, at which he provided results from KPIC research in this field.

To read the full article, visit the APhA site at http://www.pharmacist.com/data-prove-point-pharmacists-provide-value-tripler-hawaii.