Apply in 3 Steps

 Prerequisite Requirements

Admissions Criteria

2.5 gpa 

Admission to the South Carolina College of Pharmacy (SCCP) is competitive and is based on the following:

  • Successful completion of Prerequisite courses;
  • Cumulative and Prerequisite GPA;
  • PCAT scores (composite and writing);
  • Interview evaluations;
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • Pharmacy exposure;
  • Research experience;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Honors/Awards


In order to apply, a candidate must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (undergraduate and graduate GPAs will be combined). While a minimum PCAT score is not required, note that the average composite PCAT score of the entering class is ~68. It is the candidate’s responsibility to verify that minimum GPA requirements are met. An application fee refund will not be issued if application requirements are not met.

Applicants must submit official transcripts to PharmCAS, including all grades for courses taken through the last semester prior to application submission. For completed Fall 2013 course work, the PharmCAS Academic Update Window needs to be updated and an official transcript submitted to PharmCAS. To accelerate the receipt of Fall 2013 coursework, applicants should request an official transcript to be mailed to SCCP Admissions once Fall grades are posted in addition to PharmCAS.

As a state-assisted institution, preference will be given to in-state applicants. In-state applicants are defined as South Carolina residents and any non-South Carolina residents attending a South Carolina college or university. In-state status as defined here only applies to the admission process. Residency for the purpose of tuition will be based upon the South Carolina Code of Laws.

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

66 Hours

General Chemistry  8 hours
Organic Chemistry   8 hours
Physics 6 hours
Calculus 3 hours
Statistics 3 hours
Biology 8 hours
English Composition 3 hours
English Lit/Comp 3 hours
Verbal Skills 3 hours
Economics 3 hours
Psychology 3 hours
Liberal Arts Electives 9 hours
Human Anatomy/ Phys 6 hours
  • Calculus: General calculus and calculus for business or life sciences majors will be accepted.
  • Science Courses : must be designated for science majors.
  • Biology:Genetics and Cell Biology to fulfill the biology prerequisite will be accepted. We will not accept microbiology as a biology prerequisite.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology: May include a 3-hour course in anatomy and a 3-hour course in physiology or 6-hours of anatomy integrated with physiology. 6 hours of Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and Animal Physiology will be accepted. 6 hours must come from two lecture courses.
  • Physics: Algebra or calculus based physics will be accepted. 6 hours must come from two lecture courses. A physics lab is not required.
  • Statistics: Introductory statistics or a statistics for life sciences, business, mathematics, etc. majors will be accepted.
  • Public Speaking: Public Speaking or Speech will be accepted.
  • Economics: Introductory economics, microeconomics, or macroeconomics will be accepted.
  • Liberal Art electives: Courses in humanities and social sciences are accepted. Examples of humanities include: art, business, ethics, creative writing, fine arts, languages, music, religion, and theater. Examples of social sciences include: anthropology, additional economic courses, child development, geography, history, management, political science, social work, sociology, and women studies.

2014 Dates & Deadlines

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